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Summer (June to August) 2014 lesson schedule & booking is open now! (Please see the schedule below!)


●We will be appearing on Channel 8 Fiji TV in September 2014.

We ranked No.1 Tripadvisor Activity category!!(24th May 2014)


Mon 30th June Monthly Special Workshop! Sushi and Sake tasting class!(please see the 'Event' tag!)


 New Course! Standard Washoku(Japanese dishes) Course! (Time duration 2.5hrs)

(Fee for one person 7000yen+VAT 8%)

 Miso soup and 3 different seasonal recipes with plain rice! In this course you will learn how to make miso soup, two side dishes, and one main.  Ichijyu-Sansai 一汁三菜 (one bowl of soup and three dishes) on the table is the most traditional and still standard style in Japan!

●Due to the consumption tax change from April 2014, we charge 8% tax. Thanks for your kind understanding.


●In order to keep good atomosphere and the quality of each lesson, we have decided to set up our class capacity as below.  We want to make our class as friendly + intimate +interactive as possible so that all the menbers in the class can share great time together and grab more detailed info from the instructor.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Sushi maxium number 8 people

Washoku Class maxium number 5 people

Bento Class maxiun number 6 people

Udon Class maxium number 6 people


(Private lesson is subjected to change depending on your request)


We ask participants to book 24hrs prior as we have to prepare for the ingredients.  All the payment is required to pay through PayPal in advance. Your booking will be confirmed after the payment.

Thank you for your understanding!  

*Note: Our Class starts at 11:00am

*(Fish cutting class starts at 10:30 am)

*(Irregular evening class 18:00pm)


These dates below are still AVAILABLE!! Book Now!:

2014 July Lessons

 1st July Washoku workshop Fully booked!

2nd July Udon class Fully booked!

4th July Sushi class Fully booked!

7th July Sushi class Fully booked!
8th July Sushi classFully booked!

9th July Sushi class Fully booked!

14th July Udon and Chicken Teriyaki class Fully booked!

15th July Washoku workshop  Fully booked!

15th July Sushi evening class Fully booked!

16th July Sushi Fully booked!

17th July Sake tasting and Sushi making special workshop!  Finished!

17th July evening Washoku workshop Fully booked!

18th July Sushi class Fully booked!

22nd July Udon and Teriyaki class Fully booked!

23rd July Sushi class Fully booked!

24th July Sushi class Fully booked!

25th July Sushi class 2 more available!
28th July Okonomiyaki and Gyoza workshop 1 last available!

29th July Sushi class Fully booked!

30th July Sushi (salmon sushi and art sushi)class for kids at Tsukiji Fish Market a pair (parents and a kid) is 2000yen!    Fully booked!

31st July Sushi class Fully booked!



2014 August Lessons

(*The first person/group who booked can decide the menu; All the lesson start at 11:00am)


1st August Sushi Fully booked!

4th August Sushi Fully booked!

5th August Bento box 5 more available!

6th August sushi class 6more available!

7th August sushi class 4  more available!

8th August Group booking Fully booked!

11th August Sushi class 5 more available!

12th August Any menu is available!

13th August Washoku 3 more available!

14th August Fully booked!
18th August Fully booked!
19th August Any menu is available!

20th August  Any menu is available!

21st August  Sushi class  6 more available!
22nd August Sushi class 6 more available!
23rd August Sushi private group booking Fully booked!

25th August Decorative sushi Fully booked!



 **We are closed from 25th Aug to 8th September as a summer holiday :)


●The inquiries for later schedule, please send us email :your request(date/menu). We will email you back soon! Or send to kitchenbuddha@gmail.com





     Japan has become one of the world-wide known  destinations for foodies. Sushi, Bento box are becoming a big trend.  We have the most michellin star restaurants in the world! (More than Paris!!)  Good restaurants hopping might be the idea for you to visit Japan. But there is another option for you to enjoy Japanese foods. 

   Cooking and learning Japanse cuisine might be the new idea. If you are a food lover, why not deepen your knowledge on Japanese foods & cuisinary? Surely the experience of making sushi, bento box, noodle etc...will add a certain spice to your cooking and lifestyle!  This would be the best souvenier for you to bring Japan home.  We ensure memorable moment while you stay in Tokyo.

   Our classes provide you intimate, cozy and friendly atmosphere, guided by a Japanese instructor who speaks English fluently. Also the kitchen studio is situated in the heart of Tokyo, very easy asccess. In our dining room, there are so many high quality books which are introducing Japanese culture & society that you can enjoy more than just cooking! 

All the courses are hands on recipes that you can try at home!  We try to give you as simple instruction as possible so there is no need for beginners to worry. At the same time we do intensive course and  tailor the class to your level of experience.

Please come & join us and discover real Japan!