About the Instructor of Buddha Bellies Cooking School







Execective Instructor/chef  Ayuko Akiyama 


-is  a founder of Buddha Bellies Cooking School Tokyo and an author of 'Teaching Japanese Cooking in English'


-is a professional sushi instructor certificated by JSIA (Japan Sushi Instructor Association)

 -is a professional Sake sommelier registered by SSI international

 -has been trained as a professional cook by one of the famous Japanese Kaiseki 懐石 style cuisine (traditional Japanese Fine dining style) schools-Yanagihara Cuisinary School in Japan

  -is a lover of food and people! 

-believes that good foods and nice conversation will make the world peace! ;-)

-loves travelling the world + learning different culture and worlds' recipes! (Learnt Thai, Chinese, Italian, Balinese cuisine)

-took a professional license as a 'the food sanitation supervisor' issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (National Qualification)

-has been trained and qualified as a professional English teacher and got a 'Specialized Teacher's license  '(専修免許), which has been issued  by Japanese Government (Ministry of Education/National Qualification)

 -was born and grown up in Japan, educated in UK in her teenage, fluent in English.

 -took M.A. and has been in a educational business field for more than 15 yrs and found the pleasure to teach from her career experience as a professional tutor.



Look forward to seeing you in my kitchen!




■Publications & Media



  • 2018 Winner! tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence!!!
  • Milano Expo 2015 Official image video of WASHOKU (Japanese cuisine)


  • Tripadvisor Activities in Tokyo we have been chosen as one of the top activities in Tokyo! We got No.1 prize!
  •  City Guide App by tripadvisor 'Things to do in Tokyo' We got No.1 prize out of 955 activities in Tokyo!
  •  We had been introduced NHK(channel 1) and broadcasted on 5th June 2014 at 15:15~16:00pm


Who worked with us?

We had organized special sushi workshop for 

    -United Nations Global Impact 

    - Mercedez Benz 

    -Yahoo USA

    -Google USA(CA)

   -Itocyu trading company Ltd.

                                                     and more...


  • We have been introduced in one of the TV programs in Australia -'Guru's Explore' and had national broadcasted! Enjoy the recipe of Okonomiyaki



  • We have been introduced in Newspaper The Globe and Mail (Canada)



  • We have been introduced in Newspaper The Southland Times(New Zealand)



  • We have been introduced in the newspapaer 'der Standard' (Austria, Vienna)



  • We have been introduced on Savvy Tokyo magazine!



  • We have been introduced web magazine 'Asialogy'



  • We have been introduced web magazine 'Wander Tokyo'



  • We have been introduced in 'Real estate.com'



  • We have been introduced web magazine 'The Cubicler Renegade.com' 



  • We have been introduced in KEN'S cooperation magazine for foreign residence inTokyo




  • We organized a special Fancy sushi workshop with Museum Ekkamai(Thailand, Bangkok)




  • Ayuko is  the official Tokyo Travel navigators in 'Stay.com'