Only learning Japanese cooking ? You will learn more!


   Books on Japan at Jimbocho is our kitchen for the workshop. This private owned membershiped library has a huge collection of fine books(written in English). Those books introduce about our country and culture- such as Origami(paper crafts), Tea Ceremony, Ikebana(flower arrangements), Japanese garden, Japan guide, traditional crafts, and of course Japanese cuisine! . You can enjoy reading and browsing them freely while you are here!

  Our kitchen is situated in the heart of Tokyo(Walking distance to  the Imperial Palace, and only one stop from Tokyo(Otemachi) Station) also it is  only 10 seconds walk  from Jimbocho station Exit A2, which has very easy access from everywhere and easy to visit for travellers.  Even it is in the center of the metropolis, once you get in this place you can hideaway from bustling of Tokyo - time flows slowly and cozy with nice music and atmosphere of the room.

  Jimbocho is a world-known book town, which has a lot of book shops, publishing companies and universities around. It naturally has become a long -loved town by many masterpiece writers and editors. With its cultural and historical background, it is a suitable place for learning and discovering something new!   

  We Buddha Bellies Cooking School promise you to provide not only Japanese cooking but also Japanese culture through high quality books with its cozy surroundings. 

   Come and enjoy the real Japanese cooking as well as the fantastic collection of the books at our kitchen, Books on Japan!